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1DP stands for One Day Project, because that's literally what it is. I made this game in a day, give or take a few hours due to sleep and procrastination, so it is bound to contain a few bugs; hopefully not too many!! This is my first completed game, as well. Either way, I hope it's enjoyable!

It is basically the story of Totti, a boy who, due to circumstances, ended up in an orphanage. The objective is to, well, do stuff to escape from the orphanage, while you learn more about this boy. It's rather text-ridden, and includes three endings, so please check them out!

Warning for (PG-13) underage sexuality, disaster, tragedy, pain and suffering. So rad.

(Freeware SFX from FlashKit.com; Everything else was made by me. Sorry if it's lacking in the sound department.)

Thanks for the attention; Bug reports and (useful) criticism are very welcome as well!
Have a nice day~


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